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Don’t Let Your Chronic Illness Clients Just Drift Away: How To Create Life-Long Coaching Relationships with a Grateful Clients

Clients recovered and nearly recovered from chronic illnesses are often faced with a dilemma similar to the “empty-nest” syndrome faced by parents when their children go off to college. “Now what?” As a nurse coach, it’s important to to let go of your clients too soon. In fact, its a great opportunity to create a life-long coaching relationship with a grateful client who will gladly be a perpetual source of referrals.= Hopes, dreams, and plans play an important role in the healing process as they provide a sense of purpose

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The Power of Re-assessment: The Dangers of Anchoring Bias in Medicine and How to Overcome It

Research shows that within the first 18 seconds of an interview with a patient, a physician makes a preliminary diagnosis that guides their treatment plan.  But what if they are wrong? Studies also show that doctors fail to revisit this diagnosis and consider alternative possibilities. This phenomenon, known as 'anchoring bias,' reveals that physicians rely too heavily on their first impressions and refuse to change their diagnosis, even when presented with new information.  One study found doctors changed their diagnosis in only 12% of cases where the initial diagnosis was

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Unlock the Power of the Client Roadmap: Master the Art of Shortening the Perceived Healing Journey for Your Chronic Lyme Disease Patients

As a Nurse Coach, one of the most important tasks is to effectively manage your clients expectations. This includes not only the medical aspects, but also the psychological aspects of healing. But what if we told you that there are psychological tricks you can use to make their journey feel shorter and more manageable? One tactic you can use is creating a client “roadmap.”  I lifted this idea from the London subway system. It uses psychological tricks to reduce frustration and stress related to waiting. One tactic they use is

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The Key to Unlocking Chronic Lyme: Upgrade Your Skills and Take Control of Your Patients’ Care Today

Are you frustrated dealing with the endless symptoms of chronic Lyme disease? Are you ready to take control and truly make a difference in the lives of your clients? As a nurse coach, you know that chronic Lyme can affect multiple body systems, including the nervous, musculoskeletal, and immune systems.  But it doesn't stop there. Chronic Lyme can also open the door to a host of other illnesses and conditions: •Co-infections (Babesiosis, Bartonellosis, Anaplasmosis, etc) •Mycotoxin Toxicity •Healy Metal Poisoning •Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) •Chronic Fatigue Syndrome •Cognitive impairment

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Navigating the Controversy: How Experienced Practitioners are Leading the Way in Chronic Lyme Diagnosis and Treatment

How many researchers does it take to diagnose chronic Lyme? I admit, that’s a trick question. They can’t even agree on a name for Chronic Lyme. The main roadblock surrounding testing for chronic Lyme disease is the lack of consensus among healthcare leaders on the best way to diagnose and treat the condition.  Some experts assert that chronic Lyme is an ongoing infection that requires prolonged antibiotic treatment. Another research cabal argues that the chronic Lyme is actually “post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome” (PTLDS) most likely due to lingering damage from

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Healing the Wounded: How to Regain the Trust of Patients Suffering from Medical PTSD and Chronic Lyme ( Cloned )

How to regain the trust of people who have been abused by the very people sworn to help them For some reason, some physicians lose their ever-loving minds when faced with a patient who wants to know if they have chronic Lyme. Have you heard the stories? Yelled at, laughed at, cast aside, scorned, shunned, put down, referred for psych, and maybe the most painful, repeatedly ignored. Medical PTSD is a condition that can occur after a person experiences a traumatic event in a healthcare setting. The trauma is most

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18 Seconds: The Amount of Time it Takes for a Doctor to Misdiagnose Lyme Disease ( Cloned )

Research has shown that doctors make a preliminary diagnosis within the first 18 seconds of an interview with a patient.  Doctors rely heavily on their initial impression during the interview to guide their diagnosis and treatment plan.  This initial impression is influenced by various factors such as the patient's appearance, behavior, and initial symptoms presented. Is it any wonder that the average Lyme patient sees 5 doctors over nearly 2 years before being properly diagnosed? That’s according to Daniel Cameron , MD, the former president of the International Lyme And

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The Lost Millions: Why Nurse Coaches Should Screen Every client for Lyme Disease ( Cloned )

As you know, chronic Lyme, the “Great Imitator” presents with a bucketful of symptoms such as fatigue, muscle and joint pain, cognitive difficulties, and can be present even after completing multiple courses of antibiotics. Screening for chronic Lyme disease is essential to help your clients get better, faster, with fewer adverse reactions. According to the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, a patient advocacy group, primary care misses up to 60% of acute cases. That means each year 285,600 people may go undiagnosed or mis-diagnosed and are at risk for developing Chronic

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Gamification: The ‘Ninja’ Skill for Improving Patient Compliance and Trust in Chronic Lyme Care

How small wins generate patient compliance and trust There is nothing like having an illness like chronic Lyme disease for a patient (or client) to post a string of losses. Just spend some time in a few Facebook “support” groups. Constant failure weakens the immune system and studying that mechanism gave birth to the field of psychoneuroimmunology.  Let me introduce you to another term, gamification. Gamification is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts, such as in healthcare, to engage and motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Several

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